Fern F&B experience

Fern team has extensive experience in F&B industry with areas like retail, wholesale and distribution as well as manufacturing. The Fern consulting team had implemented ERP systems in various Fortune 500 F&B enterprises and some largest F&B operations in Hong Kong. Fern is also a pioneer in developing software assisted food safety system in Hong Kong with support and funding from Innovation and Technology Commission.

Eric Kayser Bakery

Eric Kayser is expanding quickly in Hong Kong with over 10 outlets. The backoffice would like to have an easy way for outlets to order supply from central while all orders can be consolidated in single database to save duplicate entries and manual effort. By using FernSpeed on Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution, the orders can be collected real time with minumum effort. Improve both the productivity and accuracy for their operation. To learn more, their customer story can be downloaded here.

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Tak Moon

Tak Moon operates multiple Master Beef Hotpot Restaurants and Anping BBQ outlets across the territory. The diverse operations call for a system that can manage everything simultaneously. Fern, with the FernSpeed and Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP applications, provided the restaurant operator with a complete operation and implementation process, and helps them to improve greatly the accuracy and the efficiency of the operations. To learn more, their customer story can be downloaded here.

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Chong Kio Farmacia Chinesa

Chong Kio Farmacia Chinesa is expanding geographically and would like to have a system which allows the users to access data and perform their duty without the constraints of physical offices locations. By using Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution, they can monitor business performance, maximize productivity and effectiveness with real-time data. To learn more, their customer story can be downloaded here.

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As one of the leading implementers of the world's No. 1 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Oracle NetSuite, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Introv empowers customers with the strategic use of innovative technologies and deliver world class results that help customers grow by redefining their business practices, while boosting their overall growth and success.

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ONE Pacific is an award-winning Oracle NetSuite solution partner in Greater China, and authorized partner of world-class technology vendors, BlackLine, Workato, UiPath, Celigo and Airwallex. They have the most NetSuite Certified Experts in the territory, and the highest satisfaction for NetSuite project implementation. Their wealth of experience in automation projects have won them the trusted partner of digital transformation for mid-sized to large global enterprises in food and beverage, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing and financial services industries.

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PointStar is one of the region’s earliest technology providers in cloud solutions. They have transformed over 3,000 business organizations across the globe with industry-leading cloud services from technology giants like Google Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, Cisco and more. PointStar has expanded beyond Singapore with establishments in Indonesia and Malaysia. They now have more than 170 employees across 3 countries and 7 offices.

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Hypernix is a well-known and respected name in the world of business process automation in Malaysia. The company has built a reputation for delivering top-quality ERP software solutions that help businesses enhance their processes and stay ahead of the competition.One of the key factors that sets Hypernix apart from other ERP software solution providers in the country is their focus on delivering customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual business.

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Fusion 5

Fusion5 offers a full range of digital transformation solutions, applications, consulting services, development, cloud and managed services as well as first class support services for the business in Australia and New Zealand. Their expertise covers all key functional areas, including Enterprise Resource Planning, HR / Payroll, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, IT Service Management, and Infrastructure.

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Vertical Solutions

Vertical Solutions is a specialized Consulting and providing an Enterprise resource management (ERP) solutions for International Systems. Their set ups based in Dubai and Amman. They have a unique and extensive experience to offer business & finance solutions in the region ranging from financial consultancy for ERP implementation, ERP Selection , planning and budgeting in the Middle East.

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ITG is a business technology expert that innovatively co-creates and delivers transformative solutions through valuable customer experiences. With offices in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, and over 17 years of experience in providing IT solutions across ASEAN region, ITG technology experts ensures tailor-fit solutions that you can stride in the fast-paced world of doing business.

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Linkage was founded by a group of young IT professional focuses in providing retail and payment solutions to retailers, distributors and other institutions. They are one of the major retail and payment solution providers in the region with offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Taiwan. Their core team members are from retail industry with thorough knowledge in retail management, technical development and application consultation.

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