Quality and Food Safety

Batch/Lot information and shelf life, incoming and outgoing quality control and traceability on the lot movement, etc to help customers managing food safety swiftly and confidently.

      Recipe Management and Costing

FernSPEED Solution provides a Recipe Management engine to compute food cost of ingredients from products sales, which helps F&B management to monitor the food cost to details.

      All-In-One Solution

FernSPEED Solution comes with integrated ERP, CRM, and POS. Business is managed with a unified view. Real time visibility into sales, inventory, customers, quality and safety facilitates better decision making.

      Business Intelligence

Timely, fact-based decisions can be made with industry specific dashboards. FernSPEED provides analytics ranging from lot expiration alert, inventory turnover, sales reports to reports on expenses and margin.


Fern F&B experience

Fern team has extensive experience in F&B industry with areas like retail, wholesale and distribution as well as manufacturing. The Fern consulting team had implemented ERP systems in various Fortune 500 F&B enterprises and some largest F&B operations in Hong Kong. Fern is also a pioneer in developing software assisted food safety system in Hong Kong with support and funding from Innovation and Technology Commission.

Eric Kayser Bakery

Eric Kayser is expanding quickly in Hong Kong with over 10 outlets. The backoffice would like to have an easy way for outlets to order supply from central while all orders can be consolidated in single database to save duplicate entries and manual effort. By using FernSpeed on Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution, the orders can be collected real time with minumum effort. Improve both the productivity and accuracy for their operation. To learn more, their customer story can be downloaded here.

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A Perishable Food Distributor

Shelf life, lot expiration and unit of measure complexities are challenges faced by the Company. With FERN’s solution, the Company improve the inventory operations in multiple locations. The solution traces the flow of inventory lot across the supply chain and alerts the users on lots which are going to expire. Tons of manual paperwork are saved and at the same time the margin is improved because of less wastage.


A Packaged Food Distributor

The distributor is expanding rapidly with more SKUs and more sales channel. The proliferation of SKUs and the pricing complexities between different sales channels need solution from FERN to address. By using the solution, the distributor can enjoy the high-speed growth without a runaway human resources cost.


Chong Kio Farmacia Chinesa

Chong Kio Farmacia Chinesa is expanding geographically and would like to have a system which allows the users to access data and perform their duty without the constraints of physical offices locations. By using Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution, they can monitor business performance, maximize productivity and effectiveness with real-time data. To learn more, their customer story can be downloaded here.

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